Declutter and donate.

High quality, gently used items of value.

We arrange the courier.

We arrange courier pick-up from your door.

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Cash to charity. Tax receipt for you.

They can focus on purpose, you get a deduction.

Definition: Good Stuff

/ɡʊd/ /stʌf/
Informal noun

1. High-quality, gently-used items that can generate cash for your chosen charity.
“Her closet was filled with Good Stuff that no longer sparked joy.”
“He wanted to ensure the Good Stuff he donated was respected and created value for the charity.”

2. The feeling of satisfaction you get knowing you maximised the value of your stuff, and got a tax deduction.
“More for charity, less for landfill, that’s Good Stuff.”

Synonyms: Designer goods, technology, prams, lego, bikes. 
Antonyms: Fast fashion, broken things, old crap.

We accept all this Good Stuff

Charity Partners

Good Stuff Market partners with charities and resellers to maximise the value of your Good Stuff. 

The cash from resale is donated to your chosen charity, helping them deliver on their core purpose.

Donations done better.

We’re a virtual op shop: you declutter, we arrange a courier and take care of the rest. The charity gets cash. You get a tax receipt for the donation.

Shop for Good Stuff

Browse listings of stuff from the Good Stuff Reseller Network and other Aussie Op-shops including Vinnies, Salvos and Lifeline.