A Good Purpose

Good Stuff Market is a sustainable, purpose-driven business that partners with charities to maximise the power of Australia’s donated ‘stuff’.

We are an aspiring B.Corp, striving to balance purpose and profit. Good Stuff and our reseller network take a commission on each sale. After costs, the surplus is donated to charity in the donor’s name.

We’re building our network of charities and resellers as we grow – get in touch through the form below if you want to get in on the Good Stuff!

Why do we need a better way to donate?

For too long we’ve been undervaluing our stuff. Driving around with a box of donations in the boot, not wanting to add to overflowing charity bins. Unsure where to donate quality stuff that’s still useful.

We believe there is a better way to respect donated goods, keeping our stuff useful for longer and getting more cash to hard-working charities. We love the work our op shops do,  but many charities just don’t have the funds or capacity to run one. They still need our donations to thrive.

Enter Good Stuff: we connect donated items to those who want them, while directing resale funds to charities – allowing them to focus on their core purpose.

Donations done better - how we are different?

Good Stuff Market is a virtual op-shop. We don’t have bricks and mortar stores. We sell online, partnering with resellers that professionally photograph and list the items. 

Our platform increases the transparency and economic value of donated property, a.k.a. ‘Good Stuff’. By tracking and reporting where Good Stuff goes, we can report back the impact of your donation. 

The impact report lets you know whether stuff gets resold, reused, recycled or needs to go to landfill. 

Each time an item donated is sold, a cash donation is made to a charity in the donors’ name and they’re sent a receipt. This means donors get to claim a cash donation – bonus! Under ATO rules, Australians can claim a tax deduction for gifts of $2 or more to ‘deductible gift recipients’, aka, registered charities.

How does Good Stuff Market make money?

Good Stuff Market charges a commission on each item that is resold. 

We also have affiliate links and may make money on purchases you make following links from our site.  We also provide services to partners to improve the second-hand market and circular economy. 

About the Founder

Good Stuff Market founder Kate Patterson is dedicated to growing a sustainable business – in more ways than one.

As a conscious op-shop loving consumer, Kate saw the need for a better way to donate Australians’ ‘good stuff’. Kate combined her commercial experience with a drive to help people and planet to launch Good Stuff Market.

A balance in purpose and profit, the Good Stuff Market model is based on Kate’s belief that commercial innovation is the best way to improve complex systems. Good Stuff Market’s purpose is two-fold: build a platform to boost the second-hand, circular economy, while enabling charities to focus on their core purpose.

Kate is out to prove that there’s an economically better way to get more donated goods to people who value them, while directing more funds to Australian charities.

Kate knows the difficulty small charities have in fundraising, particularly without the infrastructure to run their own op-shops. Good Stuff Market allows even the smallest of non-profits to benefit from the value of our quality goods.

An aspiring B. Corp, Good Stuff Market is using business as a force for good, putting equal value on the positive impacts all businesses can have on people and the planet.

"Australians’ stuff is worth more.
Don’t underestimate the power of your Good Stuff.
Donate unwanted items and we’ll send the resale dollars to charity."


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We want more cash to go to charities, so you can focus on your core purpose.
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