COVID19 Update

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At Good Stuff Market, our virtual op-shop is able to continue operating through the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns.

We have put in place processes to stay open serving our charity partners. The safety of our donors, resellers, and buyers is a top priority for us.

Protecting donors with contactless donation

Our contactless donation process allows you to donate your stuff while self -isolating at home or practising social distancing.

We work with Sendle and Australia Post to manage shipping of donations from the donor’s home to our resale network. Both companies have procedures in place to follow government guidelines.

Good Stuff donors are able to print the shipping label and arrange pickup from their home following the Sendle Contactless Pickup protocol.

With our contactless delivery, you, the customer, and the delivery driver won’t need to come into contact, touch a pen or a scanning device.

Sendle COVID19 update

Protecting our resellers and buyers

Based on advice from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Department of Health, receiving items via post and courier is considered low risk.

The risk of coronavirus infection from handling goods is considered extremely low.

Australian Department of Health recommendation for mail and cargo workers.

COVID-19 is unpredictable. We will continue to respond to changing recommendations and guidelines.

Thank you for supporting our charity partners that continue to work hard on the front lines to support Aussie’s in need at this extraordinary time. Stay home. Stay well. Wash your hands.