Terms to Resell your Good Stuff for Charity

Thank you for donating through Good Stuff Market. 

In short, you are agreeing to provide Stuff to us to sell on your behalf and for us to act as your agent to donate the proceeds to charity.

By submitting your form, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

You must be the legal owner of the Stuff.

You and your Stuff 

1. You declare that you are an individual (not a business or company).

2. You also declare that you are the legal owner of the Stuff that you have described in the form.

Who we are

3. We are Good Stuff Market Pty Ltd ABN 58 637 193 465 (‘Good Stuff’).

4. We only deal in second-hand goods for charities that are Deductible Gift Recipients (DGRs) registered with the ACNC. 

Obtaining the Stuff from you

5. We will advise you of the method we will use to obtain your Stuff once we have assessed the quantity, type and location.  We may collect it, or have a courier, partner or volunteer collect it on our behalf. In some cases, we may ask you to deliver it to one of our partners. 

6. If you have requested additional services (such as an inspection of your Stuff or sorting your Stuff), we may charge an upfront service fee.

Items will not be returned.

Consignment and selling the Stuff  

7. In consideration of your providing the Stuff to us as consignee, we agree to use our best endeavours to sell the Stuff, or cause a partner to sell the Stuff, on your behalf at the best possible sale price.

8. If we cannot sell the Stuff, or cannot sell the Stuff within a reasonable time period, you agree that we may repurpose, sustainably recycle or dispose of the Stuff without returning the Stuff to you or compensating you. We will advise you if this occurs.


Costs will be paid from the resale proceeds.

Costs of sale

9. If we are able to sell the Stuff, or some of the Stuff, you agree that we will deduct all costs related to the sale of the Stuff from the sale price to determine the proceeds for donation. 

10. Costs of sale may include shipping, repair, cleaning, transactions fees, re-seller commission, our commission, taxes, levies, duties and costs of repurposing, sustainable recycling or disposal.

11. Where you have consigned multiple items to us, all costs for all items are aggregated and deducted from the total sale price of all items to calculate the net proceeds for donation.

12. If the costs of the sale exceed the total sale price, there will remain no proceeds for donation.

Title and assignment

13. Legal title in the Stuff will remain with you until the Stuff is sold, repurposed, recycled or disposed of.

14. You agree that, under no circumstances, are we required to return the Stuff to you.

15. We may assign our right to deal with the Stuff to a partner, in which case, your rights under this agreement will not otherwise be affected.

Risk and Liability

16. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage to the Stuff that occurs before the Stuff is sold. Any such loss or damage is considered disposal.

17. You are not liable to us (in contract or in tort) for anything arising out of, or in connection with, or relating to the performance of the Stuff or any fact, matter or thing relating to the Stuff, or any error in the information supplied to us.

Proceeds less any costs are donated to a registered charity.

Agency and donation

18. You agree that you will not receive the proceeds of sale for the Stuff directly.

19. Instead, within a reasonable period of the date of sale of all your Stuff, we will donate the proceeds to your selected charity on your behalf. If you have not chosen a charity, we will choose a charity for you.

20. You authorise us to act as your agent for the purpose of collecting the proceeds of sale and donating the proceeds on your behalf to the relevant charity.

21. The relevant charity will send you a receipt for the amount that is donated.

Other stuff

22. Your contact details will be shared with the charity and partner, as well as other organisations if required for our operations or by law. This may include personal information.

23. Our item tracking will show summary details of your profile. You can edit or limit the information that is shown on your account profile.

24. Your submission of personal details is governed by our Privacy Policy, which can be located here https://goodstuff.market/privacy-policy 

25. This agreement supersedes and excludes all prior and other discussions, representations (contractual or otherwise) and arrangements relating to the contents of this agreement.