Kids' Clothing Hand-me-down Boxes

At Good Stuff Market, we are on a mission to maximise the value of Good Stuff. For high quality, gently used items, we have an amazing network of resellers that manage this for you. 

Kids clothes are difficult to cover the resale costs. But receiving a box of hand-me-downs is such a joy and being able to pass kids clothes on feels so good that we wanted to provide a solution. 

So, if you also believe that kids clothes should stay out of landfill, please join us in this experiment and either buy or donate a box of hand-me-down clothes. 

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Every parent I tell about Good Stuff Market asks "Can I donate kids' clothes?".

Kate Patterson - Good Stuff Market Founder


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Sort by size and gender.
Grab a box to re-use.
Book free courier pickup.
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$ to charity.
Donation tax receipt to you.

Buy a hand-me-down box

$30 - thats $10/kg
$20 goes to charity. $10 covers shipping and admin.

Choose the size and gender you want. The box will be couriered straight from the donor to you.