Frequently Asked Questions

Good Stuff Market Pty Ltd  is a business. It is a registered company (ABN 58 637 193 465) that acts as an agent for the resale of items for charity. We charge a 15% fee to enable, track and report this process.

Proceeds from all items resold through Good Stuff Market are donated to the donor’s chosen charity that is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

We target more than 50% of the item resale value to be donated. The best part for charities is any amount donated can be put towards their purpose. Good Stuff Market manages all the overheads and administrative costs of the resale. 

The final donation value depends on resale price and costs. The reseller commission depends on how difficult it is to sell items and the value. 

Good Stuff Market charges a 15% fee on resale.  Costs for shipping, cleaning, repair and sustainable disposal are covered our of the proceeds. 

More examples are provided in the post at How Good Stuff Market Maximises Donation Value.

Once the resale is complete, a donation of the surplus proceeds is made to the donor’s chosen charity. Only ACNC registered charities with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsement are able to fundraise through Good Stuff Market. 

The donor receives a receipt from the DGR Charity for the donated amount. 

If it is good enough to give to a friend, it is probably good enough to resell for charity through Good Stuff Market.

We specialise in items that have a higher resale value online and in specialist retailers than in local op-shops. 

  • High quality. Well known brands. 
  • Good condition. 
  • Able to be resold.
If you aren’t sure, please complete the donation form and we will get in touch to confirm how to donate.