Your pre-loved clothes can feed hungry Australians​

Without urgent funding, OzHarvest will be unable to feed all those who rely on them. We need your help to get food to the millions of Australians going hungry right now.​

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For every $1 given to OzHarvest they provide two meals to someone in need.

Good Stuff is Donations Done Better

Donate your Good Stuff.

We take quality, unwanted items off your hands - we’ll even arrange the courier.

We resell with respect.

Our resellers connect your stuff with people who value it.

Make a bigger impact.

Resale dollars go direct to OzHarvest. They focus on reducing foodwaste; you get a tax deduction.

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About Good Stuff Market

Good Stuff Market is a sustainable, purpose-driven business that partners with charities. We want Aussies’ donations to work harder, while keeping our valuable stuff out of landfill.

Good Stuff and our reseller network take a commission on each sale, with the surplus of the resale price going to your chosen charity.