Your High Quality unwanted stuff gets cash to families escaping Domestic Violence

The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society to generate life-changing, practical support for the families affected, giving them the hope and empowerment to move on to a life free from violence.
RizeUp works in partnership with domestic violence agencies to enhance the service options that they provide which then ensures the families referred through are receiving the all- essential wraparound support that is required to effectively break the cycle of violence. RizeUp has been recognised as a ground-breaking service and an integral part of the exit- strategy engaged to move on after the devastation of domestic violence.

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When if feels like you can do so litte, you can actually do so much.

We resell the Good Stuff you give, providing cash for essential items such as pantry or kitchen packs for families who are at the highest risk of lethality and have escaped domestic and family violence.

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Donate your Good Stuff.

We take quality, unwanted items off your hands - we’ll even arrange the courier.

We resell with respect.

Our resellers connect your stuff with people who value it.

Cash makes a bigger impact.

They focus on supporting families; you get a tax deduction.

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About Good Stuff Market

Good Stuff Market is a sustainable, purpose-driven business that partners with charities. We want Aussies’ donations to work harder, while keeping our valuable stuff out of landfill.

Good Stuff and our reseller network take a commission on each sale, with the surplus of the resale price going to your chosen charity.