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The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation drives medical research for a world without Sanfilippo Syndrome. Sanfilippo is a rare genetic condition that causes fatal brain damage. It is a type of childhood dementia and few children reach adulthood. There is currently no treatment or cure for this heartbreaking condition but families are working hard alongside scientists, researchers and clinicians to help to change the face of the future of this disease.

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So far, they've committed $4.7 Million to 24 projects in the search for a cure for Sanfilippo.

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Resale dollars go direct to Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. They focus on research; you get a tax deduction.

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Good Stuff is a new company on a mission to get more value out of Australian’s donations and keep stuff out of landfill. 

We know that quality brands aren’t always valued properly at the local op-shop. These treasures should be resold so they will bring joy to a new owner, plus stay out of landfill!

We accept quality, gently-used items for resale.

Good Stuff and our resellers take a commission on each sale, with the surplus of the resale price going to registered charity.