Refill your Suncoast Fresh veggie box to feed Australians​

The joy of receiving a Suncoast Fresh box to your door is something every family should be able to enjoy. Suncoast Fresh have teamed up with Good Stuff Market to support OzHarvest in their mission to nourish our country. Maximise the power of your Good Stuff by filling your veggie box with gently used, high quality items for donation. For every $1 donated, OzHarvest provides 2 meals.

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Good Stuff is Donations Done Better

Donate your Good Stuff.

We take quality, unwanted items off your hands - we’ll even arrange the courier.

We resell for more.

Our resellers know Good Stuff when they see it.

Cash goes to OzHarvest

They focus on reducing foodwaste; you get a tax deduction.

Sort out your Good Stuff

Pop your items in a box. Print the courier label. We handle the rest.

Luxury, Designer & High-Quality Brands

Worn Out

Good Condition


Fast Fashion - NWT Only

Cheap Stuff

Do you have Good Stuff to donate today?