Target: Double the Op-shop Price

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I listed them for $30. They sold the next Sunday morning with 2 interested buyers. I should have listed them for more!

I talk to a lot of people about how they get rid of their old stuff. Knowing that it is appreciated by the person that gets it is really important. So is knowing that the charity is getting value from the stuff.  

One of the drivers for creating this new platform was making sure charities are getting the most value from the stuff that is donated.

Some items can be resold for more through online channels and niche retailers. These are the items that we specialise in at Good Stuff Market. Our goal is to resell Good Stuff for double what it would sell for in a local op-shop. 

The Good Stuff Market platform is designed for two types of items.  First, the popular brand items that are in great condition. There is an active resale market for these items online. We make sure to get the market price for these online. Things like Suparga shoes, Gorman clothing, used iPhones, road bikes and quality prams all resell very well online. 

Second, specialist items such as collectibles. At Good Stuff Market, items are valued. We give you transparency on the resale. Plus you get a tax receipt for the donated proceeds. 

Bought for $15 – resold for $30.

Resale for double – Superga – White with mint

I spotted these beauties at my local op-shop for $15.

They are my size and I love them. So I snapped them up.  Then, I wondered how much they would resell for online. I decided to list them as a test. They were $89.95 new. Recently discounted to $49.

I listed them for $30. They sold the next Sunday morning with 2 interested buyers.  I should have listed them for more!