The Fashion System we need

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Fashion is responsible for 10% of global emissions.

Yep. More than international flights. Plus it is the largest consumer of water. Not to mention the other resource use and landfill waste.

Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned.

Ellen Maccarthur Foundation. A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future

We need to sort this out. Quickly.

Individuals aren’t going to all suddenly choose to consume less fashion. Industries need to shift to give people sustainable options. 

Change is being led by many brands around the world.  New business models are emerging to give consumers sustainable choices.

Part of Good Stuff Market’s vision is to make buying second hand fashion more fabulous than buying new. We have just started this journey. Please join us!

Step one is to support our network of fashion resellers access a sustainable flow of high-quality fashion from donors to our charity partners. The next step will be to offer buyers access to these items. 

Fashion access, not consumption

The Good Stuff Marketplace will bring the best of thrift shop and the best of online shopping together.

System changes we want to see

  • Garments are worn more than 30 times - often by more than 1 person
  • Target carbon neutral fashion items - across the full supply chain. The first step is transparency.
  • Buying second hand is as pleasurable as buying new. We love a good retail therapy dopamine kick.

Follow us to join this mission to look good while we do good for the planet.