Treasuring specialist items

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The ideal buyer for your antique corkscrew collection might be hard to find. They are unlikely to walk past a local store and pay a fair value.  By reselling through one of our specialist resellers, we help you ensure items are respected and valued appropriately. 

The Good Stuff Market platform is designed for two types of items.  First, the popular brand items that are in great condition. There is an active resale market for these items online.  Second, specialist items, such as collectibles.  These items have a much smaller potential market, however for the right person a much higher value. Resale is typically on consignment. This aligns the resellers incentives to maximise the resale price and donation value.

The effort to resell these items can be higher and take longer. By donating through Good Stuff Market, you can be confident the items are being valued without the hassle of managing the resale. 

How to donate specialist items

To donate them through Good Stuff Market, complete the donation form and provide a detailed description of the item and its value. 

We will arrange the items to be delivered to a specialist reseller.
You will receive a tax receipt from your chosen charity once the item has resold.

If you are donating unique or specialist items to your local op-shop, please have a chat to the staff or leave a note with them when you donate. That means they will be able to resell for the right price.

Did your grandmother collect pottery owls? We can help you see who else will cherish the parliament.